ROOTKA is a travel agency based in Lublin, Poland, specializing in tailor-made tours and bookings related to Jewish heritage sites in Poland and Ukraine.


Our service includes:


  • Trips to cities, towns, shtetls and memorial sites in Poland and Ukraine.

  • Tours in English, Hebrew, Ukrainian and Polish.

  • Iteneraries meeting your individual needs and suiting your budget.

  • Educational and cultural programs.

  • Various duration offers - from one day tours to several days trips.

  • Genealogical experts.

  • Guidings, lodgings and transportation.

  • Other leisure activities.


We wish to adjust our offer to meet your individual needs and suit your budget. We are eager to answer all of your questions, and to work with you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We invite you to start your journey with us!



Insurance Policy

ROOTKA was born out of a passion for learning about and telling the story of a people in a region that was and remains deeply influenced by its culture and individuals. After years of working as educators and travel agents in the field of Jewish-Polish heritage, we decided to share our experience to help others connect with their roots.

Lublin: The Royal Castle

We have chosen to establish our company in Lublin, the heart of the region. We did so because of its unique importance and its central position in the pre-war Jewish life of this area. This is also our home town – we chose to live and work in the region from the passion to its history, culture and people.


The location of this city in the borderline area prompted us to specialize in tours around Eastern Poland, Western Ukraine and Western Belarus – the land which used to be the bedrock for a flourishing Jewish life in pre-war Poland.

We specialize in tailor-made tours to meet your individual needs, including offering tours in English, Hebrew, Polish, and Ukrainian; lodgings and transportation to suit any budget level; and personalized help from genealogical experts.

Our team are Polish and Israeli professional guides and historians, travel agents, and researchers. We offer a wide net of local connections all around Poland and Ukraine.


Lublin: The Former Jewish District