As part of our work in the field of Jewish heritage and history, we also offer the service of genealogical research for people interested in finding out more about their own family’s history. These researches vary in depth and scope, and can lead from tracing of a single person’s history and documents, through building of family trees and community history, to attempting to locate family possessions, family graves and other material evidences.


Our genealogical research is often combined of a few layers of information, that are determined according to the subject at hand:


Public Accessible Databases

- researching for on-line accessible information, such as Birth, Marriage and Death Records, City Censuses, Emigration Data, Cemetery books, Yellow Pages from different time periods and more.


Municipal and Governmental Repositories

- obtaining records from the State and Municipal archives can sometimes be a confusing and complicated work. It often requires the knowledge of different languages, and  an ability to translate documents between English, Polish, Russian, German, Hebrew and Yiddish, and a familiarity with the different archives and the laws that are unique to different areas due to different circumstances. Due to gaps within the archival sources (caused by the war damage) it's often necessary to supplement the research with some combined, alternative records.


Field Genealogical research

- this part is the most thorough and comprehensive part of the research, and it is where we invite you to join us on the ground research. Taking everything collected in the previous parts, we will plan a trip, aiming to explore and find out more from different sources that require a personal touch. Going out to local smaller archives, meeting with people who might contribute as historical witnesses, searching for material evidence such as addresses,  pictures and location of family graves.


Of course, any material, photos or documents obtained during our research, will be processed, translated and transferred to you with a concluding report of the process.


Genealogical research is a complicated and time consuming process. If you are willing to start this process with us, please contact us in advance. You can choose weather you want to come in person or use our services remotely. We can act in your behalf on a basis of the power of attorney either preparing the set of documents for your arrival or provide you the whole service without necessity of your personal appearance.

Our genealogy coordinator is Tadeusz Przystojecki, an archivist and historian, since 2003 he is cooperating with „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre“ Centre, where he is involved in the project „Lublin 43 000“, documenting information about members of the prewar Jewish community of Lublin. Tadeusz is conducting a genealogy research of the Jews of Lublin region, the former Kingdom of Poland and west Galicia. The chronological range of his survey is between 1800 and 1950. Through his research he works not only on documented sources, but he also meets with former residents of the region and their descendants

If you decide to start your genealogy adventure with us, please consider fulfilling the following form to give us a background for what you are willing to search for:


Genealogy Research Questionnaire


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