The Heart of Darkness - the Holocaust in Lublin

1 day tour (6 hours)*

The Jewish community of Lublin had flourished for centuries with the town, building its neighborhoods around the royal castle and the Old Town, in the area of today’s Lublin centre. In World War II, within around two years of Action Reinhardt that had operated from its heart, the area of Lublin and its Jewish communities suffered greatly, maybe worse than any other area in the General Government. Entering this historical path is a daunting walk down memory lane, for not much had survived the war, and it reveals the darkest chapter in modern Jewish history. On this tour we will try to trace back to its beginning, its implementation and its end.

Former German District

The German district was established in Wieniawia – a Jewish suburbs of Lublin. After deporting its inhabitants, and destroying the synagogue and cemetery, the area served as a neighbourhood for private houses and administration offices for the high rank Nazis, with headquarters of Action Reinhardt among them.

Visit: the area of the former Jewish district in Wieniawa, former Nazi administration buildings, building of Action Reinhardt headquarters, the Holocaust Memorial.

Former Jewish District and the area of the ghetto

The oldest mention of the Jewish settlement in Lublin dates back to the 14th c. The Jewish city flourished for centuries around the royal castle and the Old Town, the center of today’s Lublin. During WWII Nazis deported most of Lublin’s Jewish inhabitants to Bełżec death camp and later on destroyed the majority of the district. The tour around the former Jewish district of Lublin is a walk in a non-existent city with some traces of memory, and only a little of its surviving material heritage.

Visit: the area of the former Jewish district, Grodzka Gate, building of Judenrat offices.

New Jewish Cemetery

Opened in the first half of the 19th c., it is the only still functioning Jewish cemetery in Lublin. Along with its monuments and chamber of memory, it also serves as a memorial site.

* Note that Majdanek is not included on this tour. Although the camp had a crucial role in the history of the World War II in the area, this tour will concentrate specifically on sites and stories that revolve around the Lublin Region community, in which Majdanek played a smaller role.

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