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The tours around the region are historical trips through the traces of Jewish cultural heritage, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. We invite you to come for a tour to some of the known places, but also to discover the stories behind some forgotten sites in the area.

Zamosc, Szczebrzeszyn and Zwierzyniec

Visit the impressive renaissance main square and synagogue in the “ideal town”, Zamosc; explore one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Poland in Szczebrzeszyn; enjoy a walk in Zwierzyniec, a town hidden in the woods of Roztocze National Park.

Leczna, Wlodawa and Sobibor

Travel to the northeast borders of the region following the Jewish history of the area, see the 17th c. synagogue building (Leczna), visit the former shtetl with an impressive synagogue complex (Wlodawa) and walk down the path of memory in the former death camp of Sobibor.

Kazimierz Dolny, Janowiec and Naleczow

Follow the traces of Jewish history and enjoy an amazing view on the Vistula river bank (Kazimierz Dolny), visit the 16th c. castle’s ruins (Janowiec) and have a walk in the 18th c. park in one of the prettiest towns in the area (Naleczow).

Izbica, Zamosc and Belzec

Visit a town which before the war was an exclusively Jewish settlement and later served as a transit ghetto (Izbica), explore an ideal renaissance city which was a home for Jewish community for five centuries (Zamosc) and give honor to the victims of the death camp in Belzec.

Jozefow, Bilgoraj and Szczebrzeszyn

Travel around shtetls in the southern Lublin Region, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of one of the most beautiful areas of Europe and explore urban planning typical for multicultural towns of the borderland area, synagogues, cemeteries and other material Jewish heritage remains.

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  • Each tour takes around 7-10 hours and may be adjusted to suit your individual expectations.

  • We offer tours in English, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.

  • We may organize transportation for tour on individual request.

  • Prices vary depending on the number of participants.


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