The Old Jewish quarter (1 hour)

The history of the Jewish settlement in Lviv dates back to the times of its establishment  around the middle of the 13th century. Soon after settling there, the community had divided into two separate "Kehillah"s – one inside the city walls, and the other outside the ramparts, on the so-called Krakowskie Przedmieście. Inside the city walls, Jews mostly concentrate on the south-eastern part of the Old Town. Our tour will lead you through this part of the medieval city. Although most of it was destroyed during the war, there are still many tracks to its past that we will witness while walking on its old narrow streets, like the remains of the former “Golden Rose” Synagogue and more. 

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Suburban Jewish District and the area of the ghetto (4 hours)

The division into two communities, living on two sides of one city lasted till early 19th century. The suburban Jewish district in Lviv was located north to the city walls and was considered an indigent area, and the community there worked mostly in trade and artisanal works. The area of Pidzamcze, Zamarstynów and Kleparów later became a Jewish ghetto during the World War II. Our tour will lead us through these places, where life and death once intertwined. We will see empty squares where magnificent synagogues once stood, like the Tempel or the Grand Synagogue as well as some that still remain, like the former Hasidic Synagogue on St. Theodore square. We will visit the area of former Old Jewish cemetery (nowadays Krahivsky market) and the building of the former Jewish hospital founded by Rappaport. Our tour will end on the monument for the victims of the Jewish Ghetto.

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The New Jewish Cemetery (1 hour)

It was established in 1855, after the old cemetery  was closed. It was almost completely destroyed during the Nazi occupation. We will see interesting gravestones from the 1920s and from the postwar period as well as the obelisk, commemorating the memory of the Jews that were executed in 1942 and in 1943. Today, a New Jewish Cemetery is part of the bigger Yanovsky Cemetery.

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Yanovsky Camp and Klepariv train station (1 hour)

Yanovsky Camp was a Nazi labor, transit, concentration and extermination camp, established on the outskirts of Lviv on Yanovska street. It was functioning between Autumn 1941 and November 1943. Currently, the area of the camp serves as a prison, and visitors are allowed to enter only to the monument commemorating the victims and to observe the information board. Located closely, Klepariv railway station is where the majority of Lviv Jewry were sent to Belzec death camp from.  

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