The area of Lublin Region holds many opportunities to relax and recharge your batteries.  With a highly diverse landscape and abundance of natural and cultural heritage sites, this region is ideal for anyone who is  looking for an active forms of relaxation. Below you can find our suggestion for how to spend your free time in the region.

Leisure and SPA

The best place to enjoy a SPA in the region is the town of Naleczow, located in the picturesque neighbourhood around 25 km from Lublin. Naleczow is one of the most popular health resort in Poland thanks to the local mineral pools. The microclimate here encourages treatment and regeneration of the body and gives a perfect conditions for relaxation and recreation. Naleczow offers modern SPA facilities, comfortable rooms in many hotels, a swimming pool complex and variety of body wellness and beauty treatments. One of the main attractions of Naleczow is its beautiful 18th century park, the heart of the town, surrounded by dozens of historic villas.

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Culinary tours

The Lublin region is undoubtedly one of the tastiest areas of Poland. This region holds influences from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as an impact of Jewish culture and Jewish culinary traditions. One of the typical dishes in this area, which derives from a Jewish cuisine, is Cebularz - a flat cake with onions and poppy seeds. If you wish to experience the Lublin region through taste, we may take you to traditional restaurants or organize a culinary tour to taste cebularz, forszmak, traditional dumplings, honey and many more. We may also visit farms, wineries, breweries, oil mills, apiaries and others. Everything fresh, natural, local and delicious!

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Sport and recreation

If you like to spending your time in tranquil, forest covered and unexplored areas, you won’t find any better place then the Lublin region, where you may chose between a variety of activities. If you would like to tryout some amateur watersports, you may try canoeing on Wieprz, Tanew or Bug river.  For the hiking and biking  enthusiasts, hundreds of kilometer of trails waits in the natural reserves and parks like the one in Roztocze, Polesie National Park or in the loess valleys near Kazimierz Dolny.  Horse riding is also available in different stables in the area, including the stables in Janów Podlaski, one of the most prestigious in the world.  You can choose from a short few hours activities to a few days packed tour focused on discovering the nature of the region.

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