Asia was simply fantastic during our day in Lublin. She knew the history, told stories that painted a picture of life in Poland, and went about her tour with incredible empathy. We visited Majdanek during the first half of the day and the main town during the second half. At Majdanek, Asia offered a full history and spent hours explaining the details. She gave us space when we needed it, and knew when to keep us moving forward. In the town, she covered the history of Lublin with incredible detail. I can't say enough good things about our tour, and highly recommend Asia to anyone interested in visiting Lublin.


October 2016, USA

Wyjątkowe doświadczenie miejsc i ludzi - to jest to, co daje udział w podróżach organizowanych przez Rootkę. Wyjazdy są znakomicie zorganizowane nie tylko merytorycznie, ale i logistycznie.

Alicja Bartuś

July 2016, Poland

Właśnie wróciłam z kolejnej podróży po Ukrainie. Nowa trasa, nowe miejsca. "Holokaust od kul" jako tytuł seminarium i wyprawy organizowanych wspólnie z Centrum Studiów nad Holokaustem to znów kolejna duża dawka wiedzy, niesamowity czas i ważne w edukacji pamięci miejsca, do których na pewno nie trafiłabym sama. A poza tym bardzo dobra organizacja wyprawy w każdym szczególe. I towarzystwo osób, z którymi doskonale rozumiemy bez słów. Polecam tym, którzy zajmują się tą tematyką i chcą zrozumieć to, czego zrozumieć nie można...


July 2016, Poland

סיירנו סיור שורשים בלובלין ב19 וב20 ליוני 2016 וההננו להמליץ בחום על המדריך אלון, שנתן הדרכה מושלמת ודרכו חווינו את החוויה הלובלינאית בצורה בלתי רגילה

אבי נשרי, רבקה מץ, צבי מץ

July 2016, Israel

I cannot say enough good things about the lovely Agata, and ROOTKA TOURS. Having assembled family members from France and Israel, I arranged for a day in Pulawy, Poland, from which our families came, and Agata was an enthusiastic, terrific guide. In addition, she had a local historian accompany us, and we saw and learned so much from both of them. We then moved on to the well-preserved Kazimierz Dolny, which my family also enjoyed seeing. If you need documents retrieval or other research, she can arrange for that, too. All in all, I highly recommend ROOTKA TOURS and our guide, Agata.


June 2016, USA

We spent 3 days with Asia.It was wonderful.We went to the Grodzka Gate museum in Lublin the first day and following that a fantastic tour of Jewish Lublin. Asia put the images in our mind and was concerned to show us the all the details she could.The next day we explored out of Lublin to my fathers birthplace of Bilgoraj . The lunch place she recommended was sensational.After that we went to Belzec then finished off in Zamosc. Asia is a passionate guide who has a wealth of impressive. Best we had in Poland and helped make our trip. The next day she took us through Majdanek where she gave us an outstanding tour. I have no trouble recommending her and Rootka

Leon Steinkoler

June 2016, Australia

The day I spent with Agata in Lublin was a highlight of my trip to Poland. I came wanting to learn about Jewish history in the city, and to understand what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust. Agata is an excellent teacher and I am going home with answers to so many of my questions about the past. What I did not expect to learn, was about the present: About how people like Agata (and her thoughtful, creative colleagues are working hard - against many odds - to memorialize those whose lives were taken from them). Our visit to Grodska Gate museum was a moving and enlightening experience! Thank you so much for your work, for the lessons I learned from you and for a wonderful day that will stay with me for a very long time.

Alanna Cooper

June 2016, USA

שלום רב,

בד"כ ולצערי אנשים בוחרים להשקיע מזמנם "רק" במכתבי תלונה...לזה יש זמן, לצערי בנושא שרות טוב כאשר מרוצים, אין בד"כ זמן לכמה מילות פרגון ושבח.... אבל ומכיוון שהשרות שקבלנו הינו כול כך מעולה שאין ברירה... 

לאחר ההחלטה לטיול של שבוע בפולין בו רצינו לשלב הכירות כללית עם פולין וביקור באתרי המורשת היהודית, קבלנו החלטה נוספת ובניגוד לטיולינו האחרים, הפעם ניקח ליווי והדרכה.

למזלנו הרב הגענו לחב' ROOTKA, אני כותב "למזלנו" כיוון שהכול היה פשוט מושלם... חב' ROOTKA תכננה עבורנו טיול מושלם אשר ענה על כול הציפיות, הכול התנהל בצורה מושלמת...!!! 

החל מהנהג שליווה אותנו, עבור למלונות שנבחרו, לוחות הזמנים והאתרים שנבחרו....פשוט מושלם...!!!

אבל והכי חשוב ומה שבוודאי עושה טיול מודרך למושלם הינו המדריכה...!!!

טל שוורץ, אישה קטנה (בממדים) אבל גדולה.... 

בוודאי שכמו כול מדריך טוב, טל הינה מקצועית מאוד, בקיאה מאוד בחומר, מעבירה אותו בצורה נעימה ושרותית, קשובה לצרכים ובעיקר מסורה ואכפתית.. אבל מה שעושה אותה שונה מכול מדריך אחר שפגשתי, הינם דברים נוספים שבד"כ לא מתנקזים באיש אחד (בטח שלא קטן... )

טל הינה נעימת הליכות, אינטליגנטית, מצחיקה, בקיצור אדם שכיף להיות עמו....!!!

אבל ובעיקר קורנת ממנה האהבה למה שהיא עושה....היא "חיה" את המקצוע, מה שהופך אותה לשונה ומעולה....יישר כוח...ותודה...ממליץ בחום...!!!

בכבוד רב ובהערכה,

                                                                                  דרור חזקיה וכול משפחת חזקיה

Dror Haskia

May 2016, Israel

My father and I were accompanied by the amazing Agata for 2.5 days. Agata guided us through Lublin, Zamosc Jozefow and Krasnik. A major part of our trip was continuing a family history research that I have been conducting through the past year. So apart from general guidance of the area, we were lucky to have her assistance in the local archives and registries office. These were long days of "work" going through documents and looking for leads of information about the my grandparents families, and Agata was at the best energies an open minded to all of our wishes, Helping with communicating and translating. It was like having a very good friend at a new and unfamiliar place. So needless to say- highly recommended :))


May 2016, Israel

הצטרפנו לסיור במיידנק שטל הדריכה ( סיור שורשים של משפחה בהדרכת טל, שהיא הציעה שנצטרף אליהם לסיור שם). מעבר למקום עצמו שמשאיר רושם עז, טל תרמה רבות לידע ולהבנה של המקום, הנושא וכל מה שקרה שם היא מדריכה מעולה, מלאת ידע, אנושית ורגישה ובאמת חיה את העניין, אהבתה לפולין ניכרת, והיא נותנת את הנשמה לעניין. אנו ממליצים עליה מכל הלב! 

Hadar Sela

April 2016, Israel

I visited Lublin for the first time last week as part of work I'm engaged with on Jewish heritage. Agata gave me a thorough and expert tour of Majdanek, explaining with just the right level of detail the tragic story of the location. She is of course also very knowledgeable on the wider context of Jewish history and culture and comfortably answered my many questions. Agata is also very personable and enjoyable company. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending her. Many thanks to you Agata for a fascinating afternoon!

Michael Mail

March 2016, Great Britain

I would like to express special thanks to Agata Radkowska on behalf of group of Ukrainian educators who recently visited Poland, particularly Lublin and around, to get acquainted with the history of the Jews in the area, Polish-Jewish relations, and the tragic Holocaust history of the region. It is hard to overestimate Agata's help and commitment while guiding us through streets, towns, memorials and museums; all the travel participants were quite happy to learn many things and many local experts with whom Agata arranged meetings for us. So great job! And, Agata's command of Ukrainian is quite perfect which made the whole trip much easier. Thank you very much!


Mikhail Tyaglyy

October 2015, Ukraine

On our trip to Poland as faculty of the Nachum Goldman Fellowship, my husband surprised me with a trip to Lublin, where my family lived before the war. Our guide was Asia Krauze, about whom I have only superlatives to say. I don't know much about my family and there is no one to ask. I did know that the family had a bank in Lublin. We found the address, and Asia took us to the place where an empty plot greeted us. Apparently the building had been bombed by the Nazis, at the very beginning of the war. The rest of the tour of places relevant to the Jewish visitor were guided by Asia, not only in a knowledgeable manner, but also "with heart". Conversation with Asia, from past to present presented her as a deep, intelligent woman, with moral and social sensitivities.

Dr Rina Rosenberg

September 2015, USA

I just wanted to send you a quick message thanking you for arranging our tour for us today. Teresa was an excellent and passionate guide. We learned not only about Jewish heritage in Lublin and the terrible destruction of them as a people and culture, but also about the work being done by you, your organization, and the Well of Memory Association. Many of the students have interest in local tourism and the role of private businesses as well as NGOs in heritage tourism. Teresa was the perfect person for us to learn about all of these things.



September 2015, Japan

We came to Lublin in the steps of our grandparents. Joanna Krauze guided us in the villages of region. With her help we where able to locate a man who knew my grand grandfather and to meet the family who saved members of the family during the war. She is a wonderful guide and her knowledge about the area and about Jewish life and history is impressive. As an academic scholar she brings depth and historical perspective together with a vivid and kind personality. I will definitely recommend her services and I will be happy to work with her in the future.


June 2015, Israel

!אגטה היקרה 

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!והמרתק, למדנו הרבה, כל הכבוד



June 2015, Israel

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